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About Us

For a strong local first community

Portland Buy Local is an educational, nonprofit organization based in Portland, Maine. The organization’s supporters and partners include local, independent businesses, community nonprofits, and individuals who share a passion for supporting a thriving, local first economy.

The organization provides educational resources to support locally owned, independent businesses, educates the public about the community benefits of choosing local, and provides opportunities for community connection.

The Portland Buy Local campaign was launched in July 2006 by Portland business owners and citizens working to counteract the rising influence of national chains by elevating the visibility of Portland's locally owned, independent businesses. The Portland Independent Business and Community Alliance incorporated in September 2006. The name was changed to Portland Buy Local in 2024. 

Our Mission


To nurture a strong local economy by delivering impactful education and support to locally owned, independent businesses and inspiring our community to choose local first.  

Our Vision


We envision a thriving and resilient local economy where everyone chooses local first. That economy is led by successful, locally owned, independent businesses whose collective contributions enrich the lives of the entire community.  


What we do



Deliver free support and educational resources to help locally owned, independent, non-franchised businesses thrive and enrich their communities. 


Create public educational campaigns to share the community benefits of choosing local and inspire consumers to choose local first. 


Create opportunities and tools that build relationships and connect local businesses with the community. 


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