The Portland Independent Business and Community Alliance (PIBCA), known as Portland Buy Local, is a membership-driven, business-focused organization based in Portland, Maine.

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Championing local, independent businesses,
the heart of Greater Portland’s unique appeal.

The Portland Independent Business and Community Alliance (PIBCA), is a membership-driven, business-focused organization based in Portland, Maine. Its members include locally owned, independent, non-franchised businesses, community nonprofits, and individual members who share a passion for building and sustaining a thriving local business community. PIBCA is primarily known as Portland Buy Local.

What do we do?

Our Four Focus Areas


Informing consumers, policymakers, and the media of the value provided by locally owned businesses and their importance to the local economy, culture, and community.


Promote locally owned businesses on PBL online platforms. Offer branding, promotion, and advertising to elevate their collective profile and provide some of the advantages enjoyed by chains.


Provide opportunities for locally owned businesses to reach consumers through events, printed materials, and online, as well as learning opportunities to help them grow their business.


Building relationships, increasing a sense of community, and providing networking opportunities for local business owners and employees to connect with each other.


Recent News

IndieBids is Back!

IndieBids is Back!

In late 2020, we held what was intended to be a one-time online fundraiser called Indie Bids at a time of great financial need for the organization. Well, we’re bringing it back! Memberships cover...

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Together, we can keep it in the community

Together, we can keep it in the community

This year’s Gift Guide was made possible in large part due to our Presenting Sponsor, Gorham Savings Bank: TOGETHER, WE CAN KEEP IT IN THE COMMUNITY When you bank with Gorham Savings Bank, your...

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Check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

We are so excited to announce that our annual Gift Guide is now live online! When you shop at a locally owned, independent business, 76% more of your money stays right here in our community. If you...

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hear from our members


“Portland Buy Local is more critical than ever at a time when businesses are facing so much uncertainty and turmoil. There are lots of organizations representing the business community, but Portland Buy Local is the only organization focused on serving and advocating for local and independent businesses. From the beginning of this crisis, Portland Buy Local has been leading the way in providing essential information to business owners, advocating for financial relief and supporting businesses as they shift to new models.

Zack Anchors, Portland Paddle

“The power and leadership of Portland Buy Local, as an organization by and for the local small business community, has been undeniable during this crisis. PBL has been a catalyst, providing a voice for small, local business while we were all understandably busy trying to figure out how to survive and take care of our teams. PBL served as a platform for sharing resources, advocating for needed policy changes, increasing access to vital information, and ensuring that someone kept their finger on the pulse of, and stood up for, the needs of small businesses.”

Heather Chandler, The Sunrise Guide

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