Local businesses give back to PBL in creative ways

Portland Buy Local has spent the last six months advocating relentlessly for our local business community — fighting for the creation and improvement of grant and loan programs that are desperately needed to save local businesses.

Ironically – our organization doesn’t qualify for any of those relief programs.

Most of our revenue comes from local businesses who pay annual dues, and from a large event that happens each fall. As you can imagine, many members were unable to pay their dues this year, and we had to cancel our big annual fundraiser. 

Without being able to access business or nonprofit relief programs, Portland Buy Local (PBL) was – and is – one of the many organizations who are slipping through the cracks.

We have turned to creative fundraising options in order to ensure that PBL can continue fighting for local businesses. Some of our members have gone above and beyond their normal membership dues to give back. One of them is Benchmark Real Estate. At the beginning of the pandemic, Benchmark announced that they would give a donation to PBL for each property sold throughout the year. They tied their giving back to their own sales, making it easier for them to donate, and eventually making a huge impact for our very small organization.

By stepping up in this way, Benchmark is helping to ensure that we will continue to exist as a resource, advocate, and connector for our local business community.

THANK YOU to Tom and Amy and the team at Benchmark for giving back to our community-based organization, and helping us to continue supporting the entire local business community.

We are also conducting an online auction to support Portland Buy Local – coming in early October. Look out for #IndieBids to support the businesses that give back to the Buy Local movement!


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