Indie Bids: a 24 hour Instagram auction to support Portland Buy Local

???? Next week!

On October 7-8, you’ll be able to bid on incredible, unique items from local businesses like, + MANY MORE — all to support @portlandbuylocal.

Here’s the scoop: @portlandbuylocal exists to support our local, independent business community.

But we don’t qualify for any of the business / nonprofit relief programs that we’ve been fighting to create / improve.

We are a 501c6 nonprofit. That’s good news in some cases — it means we can fight for policies on behalf of small businesses. Like when we did a Town Hall with @anguskingmaine, and a week later he introduced a bill (which eventually became law) which made the Paycheck Protection Program much more workable for local businesses.

Or when the City of Portland wanted to prohibit local businesses from even *mailing* items to their customers during the lockdown (while big box stores and online companies were allowed to remain fully open). We sent out an action alert to our community, and within hours, the City had reconsidered.

But because we can advocate — Congress intentionally left out organizations like ours from relief efforts.

We’re slipping through the cracks at a time when our work has never been more critical.

So — incredibly, dozens of local businesses have joined in to help make sure PBL can continue our mission of lifting up + supporting the local businesses that make our community so special.

Starting at 7pm on October 7th, local businesses will be posting auction items directly to their own instagram pages — you can use #indiebids to find them, and bid directly on their pages. You can win some incredible items, support our work, and maybe discover some new-to-you local businesses!

THANK YOU to all of the businesses who have already signed up! If you’re a local business who wants to join in, it’s not too late! Just send us a DM on instagram & we’ll get you the info.

We’re really excited about what a fundraising effort like this can accomplish for organizations like ours who didn’t qualify for PPP or disaster relief funds, but whose work is at the heart of pandemic relief ????

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