DECD Grant Information Session with Commissioner Heather Johnson

Click here to register for the info session.

Commissioner Heather Johnson of the Department of Economic and Community Development is joining us on Thursday, October 22nd at 2pm for an information session on the DECD grants.

This info session may be helpful if:

  • You were denied in the first round of grants
  • You are considering applying for the second round of grants
  • Would like more information on how the grants were awarded
  • Have additional questions about the DECD grant program

Click here to register for the info session.


In the meantime, if you were denied:
  • Write to to ask for clarification about your denial. If you get a form response, follow up again. This is helpful because:
    • a) there may be a relatively easy fix to your application, which you could make and re-submit for the second round
    • b) it will help DECD to note if there are trends, and which we can use to advocate for changes to the program, or additional funding opportunities
  • Consider applying for the second round (deadline has been extended to October 29th)
    • This round takes July/August 2020 financials into consideration. That may be particularly helpful if your PPP ran out during that time, or if July/August is when you saw a larger loss.
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