Customer Conduct Infographics

As businesses continue to re-open, it’s very clear that communication with customers is key. Customers need to know what local businesses expect of them, and businesses want to communicate their safety practices to their customers.  This is also an opportunity to bolster consumer confidence by showing people are safe in our community’s small businesses.

Portland Buy Local has created flexible infographics that can be used across our business community so customers have recognizable, cohesive guidelines as they start returning to businesses.  Working with a local designer, we created these infographic packages to save you time, money and effort communicating with your customers.  

We are currently taking orders on these graphic sets. Scroll down to order an infographic kit.

Each sticker set will have 10 stickers that you can use individually: Customer Conduct, Mask, Maximum Occupancy, No Cash, Curbside Only, Social Distance, Sanitize, Gloves, At-risk Hours, Limit Touch

Since each sticker is printed individually, there is built-in flexibility: if your business practices change, you can add or remove the stickers at any time. If there is a sticker that doesn’t apply to your business, you simply don’t use that sticker. You can also easily arrange them on your door or window.

The kit also comes with two posters, which replicate the customer conduct stickers and explain in more detail the key graphics: mask, social distance, sanitize, and limit touch.

➡️ 2 options are available:

1) sticker set and posters ($15 for Buy Local members; $25 for other businesses)

2) sticker set, poster, and 4 floor decals ($35 for Buy Local members; $45 for other businesses)

➡️ Stickers, posters, and floor decals are for pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

Please note: these are drafts – not final versions of the designs. There will be 10 individual stickers (not all appear in the images), and there may be slight changes in the final design. We wanted to send out the general design so people could see what they look like as they pre-order. Like everyone else, we are building the airplane while it’s in flight!

The floor decals (shown left) are designed and printed by Xpress copy; Buy Local is just arranging for a group order of them. If you would like a different number of floor decals, or a different color, please contact xpress copy at We are getting a group rate, so you may incur additional charges.
You don’t need to be a Buy Local member to use them! You don’t even have to be in Portland. We just ask that you be a local, independent business. It’s a resource we’ve developed because local businesses are often on their own for things like this, without the time or money to develop something as an individual business.
Download the poster HERE for free, if you’d like to make your own signage and print it off in store.
NOTE: Thanks to our program sponsors, we have a limited number of complimentary infographic kits available. If you have a need, please reach out to and we can provide you with a complimentary kit.
A big thank you to these organizations for acting as Program Partners: Green Clean Maine, Portland Flea-for-All, and Sponsors: Portland Downtown, and Machias Savings Bank
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